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Perhaps you have heard the word on the street, that in the back alleys of Nihonbashi, Tokyo,
you can find a most mysterious restaurant.
Follow the scent of soup broth down a curious footpath to find a cuisine paradise where gods gather.
This place, be it dream, or mirage, is known as The Mysterious Restaurant of the Food God.




Invite you to the world of mysterious Japanese food with digital art.
Come visit us to taste the "delicious meal" of the food god.

The Mysterious Restaurant of the Food God is a restaurant-style exhibition centered around washoku, or Japanese cuisine, a theme that is all too universal for us Japanese. The exhibition—a first in Japan—is produced by MOMENT FACTORY, an eminent digital art group that has been doing projection-mapping on architecture world-wide and has handled the art direction at concerts of first-class artists. Using pioneer video technology and special effects, they give expression to a most mysterious and fantastic world of washoku. Staged in an abandoned building in Nihonbashi, visitors enter along a curious footpath which leads to a
world resembling that of ancient Japanese scripture—a land of the gods. A fox named Uka, a messenger of the gods, leads you to your final destination, a worldly food paradise where chefs with god-like hands conjure irresistible meals. All who enter are presented with Miyamasou chef Hisato Nakahigashi's version of a classic he calls "Kamisama no O-inari," just one delicious dish among many created by exceptional chefs that customers can test their palates with, such as miso shiru, dashi-maki tamago, and chikuzen-ni. Come savor this new experience, a fusion of digital art and washoku.



世界が認めたデジタルアート集団MOMENT FACTORY日本初の展覧会。

モーメントファクトリーはモントリオールを拠点に、環境と共存する新しい没入感を生み出すマルチメディア・エンターテイメント・スタジオです。世界各国において映像、照明、建築、音響、特殊効果を駆使した体験型イベントのスペシャリストとして、サグラダ・ファミリア大聖堂、シルク・ドゥ・ソレイユ、マドンナ、ディズニー、ソニーなど、350件以上のショーや体験型イベントを作り上げてきており、ロサンゼルス国際空港のリノベーションも手掛けました。2014年にはカナダの国立公園の森を歩くプロジェクト「Foresta Lumina」を発表しました。現在は、ロサンゼルス、ロンドン、パリにも拠点を増やし様々な活動を行っています。

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A Japan first, brought to you by the world leading digital art group MOMENT FACTORY

Based in Montreal, Moment Factory is a multimedia entertainment studio specializing in the conception and production of immersive environments. We Do It in Public. Moment Factory specializes in creating the video, lighting, architecture, sound and special effects required to create many of the world's most celebrated public spaces, events and experiences. In 2014, Moment Factory unveiled an enchanting multimedia night walk through the forest at Parc de la Gorge de Coaticook in Quebec, Canada, transforming the local tourism and visitor experience. Since its inception in 2001, Moment Factory has created over 350 Shows and Destinations for blue-chip clients around the world, ranging from Cirque du Soleil, Nine Inch Nails, Madonna, Disney, Microsoft and Sony, to the Sagrada Familia Cathedral in Barcelona and the LAX International Airport in Los Angeles. Moment Factory's international offices now include Los Angeles, London and Paris.

JAPANESE CUISINE PRODUCER・CHEF / Hisato Nakahigashi 和食監修・料理人
中東 久人・野草一味庵「美山荘」

シェフ/中東 久人・野草一味庵「美山荘」


Born in Kyoto, March 1969. After high school, he studied hotel management in the US and France. After working in service at a restaurant in Paris, he returned to Japan at age 24 whereupon he trained in traditional cuisine in Kanazawa, Ishikawa Prefecture, and later became the fourth generation chef at Miyamasou at age 26. Located in the beautiful mountain sides of Hanase, Kyoto, Miyamasou is a Ryokan style restaurant and inn famous for Tsumikusa Ryori—cuisine that features freshly picked seasonal wild herbs and vegetables—that also utilizes fish. It is said that the food here, prized by intellects and cultured persons alike, is so treasured that it never leaves the premises. Nakahigashi-san works by the motto, "Calculate in detail behind stage, have natural attentiveness on stage". From the gentleness in his is poise and demeanor, one can imagine the quality of service he trained for.

ごはんのメニュー FOOD MENU


  • 『神様のおいなり』さん

    For this experience, we welcome an appearance by Uka the fox, a take on the deity enshrined in the Fushimi Inari Shrine as depicted in the ancient Japanese scripture Kojiki, who goes by the true name Ukanomitamanokami, the so-called "god of grain/rich grain harvest". "O-inari-san" refers not only to the Inari Shrines, but also to the Japanese dish of thin fried bean curd and/or its sushi version including sushi rice stuffed inside. It is also well known that foxes love inari, a food that is said to bring good fortune. This dish is provided to each visitor, thanks to the warm-hearted cooperation of Hisato Nakahigashi, the owner of Miyamasou, a restaurant surrounded in the beautiful nature of Hanase, Kyoto. This O-inari-san is the product of much trial-and-error—from the amount of rice, to the overall size, the water and tofu used and the ingredients chosen to decorate the inside. You will not want to miss the magic that is Kamisama no O-inari-san, a dish of the gods, available in no other place.
    ※お一人様ひとつ ※季節によって内容が変わる場合がございます ※『神様のおいなり』さんはチケット代に含まれます


  • 開催日時 Date

    2017 1.28 SAT 5.21 SUN

  • 開催時間 Time

    10:00 21:00 平日 WEEKDAY

    10:00 23:00 金・土・祝前日 FRI/SAT/the day before national holidays

    10:00 19:00 日・祝日 SUN/national holidays

  • 開催場所 Place

    日本橋茅場町「特設会場」 Nihonbashi kayabacho "special meeting place"

  • 注意事項 Caution

    ※入場は閉館1時間前まで ※場内は階段での移動が多くございます。 ※“神様のおいなり”は来場者全員に会場でお1人様1つお渡しいたします。 ※会場の構造上、フロア間は階段での移動となります。 ※混雑した場合、入場規制がかかる場合がございます。 ※会場での飲食には別途料金がかかります。 ※飲食メニューによって売り切れになる場合がございます。 ※チケットは会期中お1人様1回限り有効となります。 ※料金は税込価格となります。 ※会期中は当日券料金で販売いたします。 ※ローソンチケットでご購入の場合は、別途手数料108円がかかります。 ※お客様都合でのご購入後のキャンセル・返金はできません。 ※「身体障がい者手帳または療育手帳のご提示」により、「介護者1名様の入場料」が免除されます。但し、ご本人様は入場券が必要です。 ※車イスでご来場される方は、事前に来場予定日をお問合せ窓口にご連絡ください。 ※チケットの転売は固く禁止いたします。

  • チケット Ticket


  • 入場料 Entry Fee







    2017 1.27 FRI






    2017 1.28 SAT





    2017 1.27 FRI




    2017 1.28 SAT

  • 注意事項 Caution

    ※入場は閉館1時間前まで ※場内は階段での移動が多くございます。 ※"神様のおいなり"は来場者全員に会場でお1人様1つお渡しいたします。 ※会場の構造上、フロア間は階段での移動となります。 ※混雑した場合、入場規制がかかる場合がございます。 ※会場での飲食には別途料金がかかります。 ※飲食メニューによって売り切れになる場合がございます。 ※チケットは会期中お1人様1回限り有効となります。 ※料金は税込価格となります。 ※会期中は当日券料金で販売いたします。 ※お客様都合でのご購入後のキャンセル・返金はできません。 ※「身体障がい者手帳または療育手帳のご提示」により、「介護者1名様の入場料」が免除されます。但し、ご本人様は入場券が必要です。 ※チケットの転売は固く禁止いたします。 ※ゲストシェフは会場での調理を致しません。

アクセス Access

東西線 日比谷線「茅場町駅」 6番口・12番口 徒歩1分/銀座線 東西線 浅草線「日本橋駅」 徒歩4分 1 min from "Kayabacho" station of Tokyo Metro Hbiya line & Tozai line (Exit 6 &12) / 4min from "Nihonbashi" station of Tokyo Metro Ginza line, Tozai line & Toei Asakusa line
東西線 日比谷線 「茅場町駅」 6番口・12番口 徒歩1分 1 min from "Kayabacho" station of Tokyo Metro Hbiya line & Tozai line (Exit 6 &12) 銀座線 東西線 浅草線 「日本橋駅」 徒歩4分 4min from "Nihonbashi" station of Tokyo Metro Ginza line, Tozai line & Toei Asakusa line